have a problem with my connection of height control(powermax1000 or 1650)
First Guarantee the connection of the wires is correct: (1) the two wires marked “div-start” connect to 3 and 4 of the plasma machine interface(see figure above), on the rear of the power supply. (2) the two wires marked "div-finish" connect to 12 and 14 of the plasma machine interface (see figure above), on the rear of the power supply. (3) the two wires marked "div-arc+" and "div-arc-" connect to j15 and j16 of the power board of the plasma machine .
Why does the torch move down when start cutting?
You should adjust the display of ARC voltage bigger, when it is too small, the torch will crash onto the plate.
How to ensure the cutting effect is good?
1 you should make sure the distance between the torch and the plate is less than 5mm, better about 3mm. 2 make sure the pressure of the air is enough, and the current and the nozzle is correct. 3 also adjust the speed well according the thickness of the plate.
The holder does not function "up" and "down". But on the carriage monitor the button “up” and “down” lit ok .
I understand the case. You should do as below step by step. 1. You should check the voltage between the two wires connected to the two pins marked motor in the control PCB, when you are not making the torch up or down, it should be zero, when you press the button “up” or “down” in the system panel, the corresponding light in the control PCB should light, and the voltage should be DC15V at least. If this voltage is not enough, you should check the input voltage of the control PCB, that is the two pins marked DC, should be about AC24V. If it is not enough, you should check the switching power supply. 2. If all are correct ,you should check the wires connected to the pins up 、down、and gnd whether firm or not, you can remove the wires then connect again .
The LED window of the AVC control is dark and will not light.
You should check the connection of the light with the PCB of the AVC, should be not firm.
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